RhodeCode Enterprise 4.26.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2021-08-06

New Features#


  • Caches: introduce invalidation as a safer ways to expire keys, deleting them are more problematic.

  • Caches: improved locking problems with distributed lock new cache backend.

  • Pull requests: optimize db transaction logic. This should prevent potential problems with locking of pull-requests that have a lot of reviewers.

  • Pull requests: updates use retry logic in case of update is locked/fails for some concurrency issues.

  • Pull requests: allow forced state change to repo admins too.

  • SSH: handle subrepos better when using SSH communication.


  • Drafts comments: don’t allow to view history for others than owner.

  • Validators: apply username validator to prevent bad values being searched in DB, and potential XSS payload sent via validators.


  • SSH: use pre-compiled backends for faster matching of vcs detection.

  • Routing: don’t check channelstream connections for faster handling of this route.

  • Routing: skip vcsdetection for ops view so they are not checked against the vcs operations.


  • Permissions: flush all users permissions when creating a new user group.

  • Repos: recover properly from bad extraction of repo_id from URL and DB calls.

  • Comments history: fixed fetching of history for comments

  • Pull requests: fix potential crash on providing a wrong order-by type column.

  • Caches: report damaged DB on key iterations too not only the GET call

  • API: added proper full permission flush on API calls when creating repos and repo groups.

Upgrade notes#

  • Scheduled release 4.26.0.