RhodeCode Enterprise 2.2.4 Release Notes#


  • released 2013-12-30

  • More secure output of a remote clone URL

  • Extended API calls

  • Support for latest Git versions


  • Password in a remote clone URL are not displayed anymore.

  • Better Windows support on server info page.

  • Extended API: added permission delegation to grant/revoke calls.

  • Extended API: added copy_permissions flag to create_repo_group.

  • Extended API: added apply_to_children to grant/revoke methods of repo groups.


  • Fixed forking into a repository group.

  • Fixed detection of remote Git repositories.

  • Fixed issue with API calls on repo names with groups.

  • Fixed unescaped characters which broke Javascript in the 2-side diff view.

  • Fixed git clone command by adding -q flag due to changes in the latest Git.