Update a pull request#


Updating a pull request invalidates all previous reviews, and the status set by each reviewer. This means all reviewers need to review and approve the pull request again.

If you have made changes on the fork or branch from where a pull request originates, you can update the pull request, using the following steps:

  1. Commit and push your changes to the RhodeCode Enterprise server.

  2. Open the pull request you wish to update, and select the Update commits button.

Update Pull Request

Once updated the following commit message will be automatically added to the pull request.

Auto status change to “Under Review”, pull request updated with 1 added, 0 removed commits.

  1. Review the new commit messages and changes as before,

  2. Set the review status and click Comment

Inline Comments#

When updating a pull request, inline comments can move around depending on which line they are attached:

  • If the line content changes but remains in place, the inline comment will remain where it was originally.

  • If the line to which the inline comment is attached moves, the comment will move with it.

  • If the diff changes substantially and the line to which the comment was attached is no longer in the diff, the inline comment will be hidden but with an icon to display it if necessary.