RhodeCode Enterprise 3.7.1 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2015-12-10


Removed logging of masked authentication tokens completely. This prevents potentially logging parts of a user’s password if they are not using tokens.


  • Created the ability for RhodeCode Enterprise to auto-detect Mercurial repositories which require the Largefiles extension during Remap and Rescan operations.

  • Allow the admin of a repository group to change the group’s settings even if he/she does not have admin permission for the parent repository group.


Fixed support for non-ascii characters in passwords when authenticating using external authentication tools such as LDAP.

Pull Requests#

  • Fixed an issue when merging Mercurial pull requests which are not based on branch names.

  • Fixed generated URL creation when RhodeCode Enterprise is running under a URL prefix.


Fixed streaming issues when using Gunicorn based setups.

User Experience#

Improved avatar rendering stability. Especially in the case of an invalid email address being used with an external authentication backend.