RhodeCode Enterprise 4.17.4 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2019-10-28

New Features#


  • Permissions: properly flush user cache permissions in more cases of permission changes. Some API methods and user-group additions didn’t invalidate permission caches resulting in users not seeing the permission changes immediately.

  • Pull requests: properly handle exceptions in state change logic, and improve logging on this.


  • Security: fixed XSS in file editing.



  • Diffs: handle paths with quotes in diffs.

  • Diffs: fixed outdated files in pull-requests re-using the filediff raw_id for anchor generation. This could make rendering diff crash in cases of only having outdated files in a diff.

  • Diffs: handle very odd case of binary, corrupted diffs which crashed the diff parser.

  • Svn: handle non-ascii message editing.

Upgrade notes#

  • Scheduled release addressing problems in 4.17.X releases.