RhodeCode Enterprise 2.0.2 Release Notes#


  • released 2013-08-27


  • Completely new my account page.

  • Added created_on field for repository groups.

  • Users can now define extra email addresses in their account page.

  • Updated codemirror to latest version with Nginx, Jade, Smartymixed modes.

  • Better MIME-type detection of files with pygments to improve online editor syntax and mode detection.

  • Added option to enable Captcha on registration page. It helps fight spam on open RhodeCode Enterprise instances.


  • Many fixes for Internet Explorer 8 and newer.

  • Fix largefiles user cache location by explicitly setting the location in RhodeCode database.

  • Fixed “Remove Pull Request” button HTML on “my account” page.

  • Allow admin flag control for external authentication accounts

  • Changed landing_rev format to <rev_type>:<rev> to overcome issues with same names in different rev types like bookmarks and branches.

  • Add strip to attr_login for LDAP Auth plugin which is a very sensitive about whitespaces. Leaving whitespaces in there causes hard to debug issues.