RhodeCode Enterprise 5.1.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • TBA

  • available as docker “beta” tag rhodecode/rhodecode-ce:beta, rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:beta

New Features#

  • We’ve introduced 2FA for users. Now alongside the external auth 2fa support RhodeCode allows to enable 2FA for users 2FA options will be available for each user individually, or enforced via authentication plugins like ldap, or internal.

  • Email based log-in. RhodeCode now allows to log-in using email as well as username for main authentication type.

  • Ability to replace a file using web UI. Now one can replace an existing file from the web-ui.

  • GIT LFS Sync automation. Remote push/pull commands now can also sync GIT LFS objects.


  • Upgraded all dependency libraries to their latest available versions

  • Repository storage is no longer controlled via DB settings, but .ini file. This allows easier automated deployments.



  • Introduced a full rewrite of ssh backend for performance. The result is 2-5x speed improvement for operation with ssh. enable new ssh wrapper by setting: ssh.wrapper_cmd = /home/rhodecode/venv/bin/rc-ssh-wrapper-v2


  • Zip archive download breaks when a gitmodules file is present

Upgrade notes#

  • RhodeCode 5.1.0 is a mayor feature release after big 5.0.0 python3 migration. Happy to ship a first time feature rich release