Known Issues#

Windows Upload#

There can be an issue with uploading files from web interface on Windows, and afterwards users cannot properly clone or synchronize with the repository.

Early testing shows that often uploading files via HTML forms on Windows includes the full path of the file being uploaded and not the name of the file.

Old Format of Git Repositories#

There is an issue when trying to import old Git format repositories into recent versions of RhodeCode Enterprise. This issue can occur when importing from external Git repositories or from older versions of RhodeCode Enterprise (<=2.2.7).

To convert the old version into a current version, clone the old repository into a local machine using a recent Git client, then push it to a new repository inside RhodeCode Enterprise.

VCS Server Memory Consumption#

The VCS Server cache grows without limits if not configured correctly. This applies to RhodeCode Enterprise versions prior to the 3.3.2 releases, as 3.3.2 shipped with the optimal configuration as default. See the VCS Server Cache Optimization section for details.

To fix this issue, upgrade to RhodeCode Enterprise 3.3.2 or greater, and if you discover memory consumption issues check the VCS Server settings.

Newer Operating system locales#

RhodeCode Control has a know problem with locales, due to changes in glibc 2.27+ which affects the local-archive format, which is now incompatible with our used glibc 2.26.

Mostly affected are: - Fedora 23+ - Ubuntu 18.04 - CentOS / RHEL 8

To work around this problem, you need set path to $LOCAL_ARCHIVE to the locale package in older pre glibc 2.27 format, or set LC_ALL=C in your enviroment.

To use the pre 2.27 locale-archive fix follow these steps:

  1. Download the pre 2.27 locale-archive package

  1. Point $LOCAL_ARCHIVE to the locale package.

$ export LOCALE_ARCHIVE=/home/USER/locale-archive  # change to your path

This should be added both in enviroment variable of ~/.rccontrol/supervisor/supervisord.ini e.g

` [supervisord] environment = HOME=/home/user/rhodecode,LOCALE_ARCHIVE=/YOUR-PATH/locale-archive` `

and in user .bashrc/.zshrc etc, or via a startup script that runs rccontrol self-init

If you happen to be running RhodeCode Control from systemd, use the following example to pass the correct locale information on boot.