RhodeCode Enterprise 2.2.3 Release Notes#


  • released 2013-11-27

  • Asynchronous & more stable repo forking & creation

  • Inheritable repository group permissions


  • Bumped Mercurial to 2.8.0.

  • Bumped Mergely to latest version.

  • Permissions from a repository group can be inherited to child repositories.

  • Added side-by-side diff link to compare files diff view.

  • Forking and creation of repositories can be done asynchronously via Celery.

  • Forking and creation of repositories is more stable in terms of concurrency and file system errors.

  • Added new visual option for number of records on admin ‘data grids’.

  • Repository admins can add/delete repository extra fields.

  • Improved validators of remote clone urls for Git and Mercurial.


  • Fixed page links at Gists which lost filter settings on click.

  • Fixed how auth plugins handle groups.

  • Fixed issue on mismatch of repository fork VCS type (Git or Mercurial).

  • Fixed admin UI forms which broke when using long names.

  • Fixed LookupError exceptions when ambiguous identifier was given.

  • Fixed issues which occured with Git under Windows.