Install rcstack#

To get started with RhodeCode get the new shell installer called rcstack

mkdir docker-rhodecode && cd docker-rhodecode
curl -L -s -o rcstack && chmod +x rcstack
./rcstack get-started

rcstack is open-source and you can find source for it here:

Pre requisites#

To Run this stack Docker engine and Docker Compose needs to be installed on the host machine. Please run ./rcstack init to install docker using the installer, or visit docker site and install docker (min version 20.10) and docker compose:

If there’s docker already installed, rcstack will detect that and skip docker installation.

rcstack is using the below command to install docker, if you prefer to install it manually run it before and installer will skip docker installation

curl | sh

Quick install tutorial#

Those are step-by-step installation/run steps.

  1. initialize; create configurations / docker definitions


IMPORTANT: A valid domain needs to be set during bootstrap. This is stored inside .custom/.runtime.env file. To access the RhodeCode stack running the domain needs to be entered in the browser. This can be a local domain entry or real domain, e.g rhodecode.local or (pointing to the machine IP) In case your browser can’t resolve the given domain, a 404 page will be shown, and rcstack won’t router traffic into instances.

Run the following command

./rcstack init

This will ensure docker is installed, copy all required files, and create default configuration. The prompt will ask few question on initial account setup, SSL usage and license-token (only relevant for EE). At this point a custom file under .custom/.runtime.env was created. Adjust it if required. Few adjustments that could be done are for example to change the domain address, or SSH port

  1. Start router to handle all incoming traffic

Start Traefik router that would handle all incoming traffic, and load balance it to various components.


IMPORTANT: router binds to some common ports 80, 443, SSH (9022), Loki (3100) if those are not available, please adjust them inside the override docker file .custom/docker-compose-router.override.yaml

Run the router stack in the background

./rcstack stack router up --detach
  1. Start the database

./rcontrol stack database up --detach


By default RhodeCode stack is configured to run PostgreSQL database inside docker. If you need to run mysql, or external database, please disable the database inside services stack. Custom Database usage

  1. Start other services required

Run all other required services

./rcstack stack services up --detach
  1. Start RhodeCode stack

./rcstack stack rhodecode up --detach
  1. Check stack status

./rcstack status

Output should look similar to this:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                   STATUS                        NAMES                                 PORTS
ef54fc528e3a   traefik:v2.9.5                          Up 2 hours             rc_cluster_router-traefik-1 >80/tcp, :::80->80/tcp
f3ea0539e8b0   rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:4.28.0           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_apps-rhodecode-1 >10020/tcp, :::10020->10020/tcp
2be52ba58ffe   rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:4.28.0           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_apps-vcsserver-1
7cd730ad3263   rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:4.28.0           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_apps-celery-1
dfa231342c87   rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:4.28.0           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_apps-celery-beat-1
d3d76ce2de96   rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:4.28.0           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_apps-sshd-1
daaac329414b   rhodecode/rhodecode-ee:4.28.0           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_apps-svn-1
7b8504fb9acb   nginx:1.23.2                            Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_services-nginx-1           80/tcp
7279c25feb6b   elasticsearch:6.8.23                    Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_services-elasticsearch-1   9200/tcp, 9300/tcp
19fb93587493   redis:7.0.5                             Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_services-redis-1           6379/tcp
fb77fb6496c6   channelstream/channelstream:0.7.1       Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_services-channelstream-1   8000/tcp
cb6c5c022f5b   postgres:14.6                           Up 2 hours (healthy)   rc_cluster_services-database-1        5432/tcp

At this point you should be able to access:

  • RhodeCode instance at your domain entered, e.g http://rhodecode.local, the default access credentials are generated and stored inside .runtime.env. For example:

  • Grafana monitoring dashboard at /_grafana subpath. E.g http://rhodecode.local/_grafana, grafana generates default access credentials those need to be changed after first login:

    user: admin
    pass: admin