rcextensions integrations

Since RhodeCode 4.14 release rcextensions aren’t part of rhodecode-tools, and instead they are shipped with the new or upgraded installations.

The rcextensions template rcextensions.tmpl is created in the etc/ directory of enterprise or community installation. It’s always re-created and updated on upgrades.

Activating rcextensions

To activate rcextensions simply copy or rename the created template rcextensions into the path where the rhodecode.ini file is located:

pushd ~/.rccontrol/enterprise-1/
pushd ~/.rccontrol/community-1/

mv profile/etc/rcextensions.tmpl rcextensions

rcextensions are loaded when RhodeCode Enterprise starts. So a restart is required after activation or change of code in rcextensions.

Simply restart only the enterprise/community instance:

rccontrol restart enterprise-1
rccontrol restart community-1

Example usage

To see examples of usage please check the examples directory under: