Webhook integration

The Creating an Integration integration allows you to POST events such as repository pushes or pull requests to a custom http endpoint as a JSON dict with details of the event.

Starting from 4.5.0 release, webhook integration allows to use variables inside the URL. For example in URL https://server-example.com/${repo_name} ${repo_name} will be replaced with the name of repository which events is triggered from. Some of the variables like ${branch} will result in webhook be called multiple times when multiple branches are pushed.

Starting from 4.8.0 also repository extra fields can be used. A format to use them is ${extra:field_key}. It’s usefull to use them to specify custom repo only parameters. Some of the variables like ${pull_request_id} will be replaced only in the pull request related events.

To create a webhook integration, select “webhook” in the integration settings and use the URL and key from your any previous custom webhook created. See Creating an Integration for additional instructions.